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This is the wiki Main Page. It contains links to all the currently known information on the campaign world.

The current campaign is taking place in The Vargerlands. Details will be added as I type them up or as the players discover them.

Journal – Current Character Requests, Jobs, Quests and Other Notes

Campaign History
Notes from Previous Sessions are available in the Adventure Log.

Characters – PC’s
Drefan son of Leofric
Laucian Amakiir
Kriger Lett

PC Character Stories
Laucian’s Journey
Laucian’s Journey part II

Drefans Travels & Travails – available in the journal. For some reason it does not want to link here.

Characters – NPC’s
Borgen Blackstone
Doug, Douglas, & Doogle
Johan Kerzenhaus
Rogulf of High Wyld
Ragnar Hardhammer
Torig Torstine

Bestiary – Known Threats of the Whytingwald
Bestiary – Dryads
Bestiary – Edelvarg
Bestiary – Frost Horror
Bestiary – Giants
Bestiary – Gray Ooze
Bestiary – Horned Scrabbler “Deerpacabra”
Bestiary – Imp
Bestiary – Jotun
Bestiary – Razorweb Entangler
Bestiary – Ursa Magnus
Bestiary – Wald Mongrel
Bestiary – Wald Root

Local Fief Information
Fiefs – High Wyld (Whytingwald)

Local Settlement Information

Weather & Seasons
The Vargerlands – Seasons and Weather

Maps – Vargerlands

Neighboring Lands
Neighboring Lands – The Dar’Hashran Principalities
Neighboring Lands – Imperium Ladicus
Neighboring Lands – Urhanni Tribes

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Main Page

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