The Light in the Forest is a D&D 5e campaign using the core Player’s Guide, Monster Manual, and Dungeon Master’s Guide, with an emphasis on story telling, tactical planning, and a challenging but fair level of difficulty. As the DM, I aim to keep a good balance between a realistic level of challenge, while also not bogging the game pace down in details or slowing the excitement of the storytelling process.

This campaign is set in a home-brewed world with lots of unique history and background, but grounded firmly in the overall D&D universe. The players have all found themselves in a somewhat backwater land known as the Whytingwald, a densely forested land of mountains, hills and valleys in the Kingdom of The Vargerlands. The wiki, adventure logs, character, map and other pages will fill up as the characters progress through the campaign, and the information found there may be invaluable. Check back regularly for updates (we play once every 2 weeks, but updates may be more frequent than that as I add information characters would know about regardless of their current state in the campaign).

And remember…The point of this game is to have fun, so if anything in here starts to interfere with that, be sure to bring it up and we’ll discuss a possible change. I am always open to hearing rational suggestions, questions, complaints or requests!

Please feel free to comment on anything in the forum or to talk to me in person.

- gspostrum

The Light in the Forest

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