The Light in the Forest

Chapter 1 - Inheritance - Preface

The Beginning

Chapter 1 – Inheritance

In the deep, forested mountains of the Whytingwald a young candlemaker unexpectedly inherits a distant uncle’s fief. Long neglected by the late, crippled leper of a lord, the fief, always considered a backwater, has degenerated into mostly untamed wilderness.

Given a once in a lifetime opportunity to raise the status of his family name, Johan Kerzenhaus has left his home in the capital to claim his inheritance. But he is unprepared, untrained, and generally uncertain of how to manage what has been left to him.

Along the way he has picked up a number of hired hands, promising a substantial reward would be arranged for anyone willing to serve the Kerzenhouse court for a period of no less than one season. No specific set of skills has been identified, but the offer of work has brought attention from people of all walks of life.


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