The Light in the Forest

Laucian's Journey Part VII

Almost Dead but Feeling OK

The more we learn of this Solomon the more his end, whatever he has become, is necessary. One of the few things I think our whole group agrees on, even the taciturn Drefan. We proceeded and encountered more restless undead. Solomon’s perfidy continues centuries after his deeds. Allowing these restless spirits to go on to their final destination is the least of the good we can do here. We figured out the pit was the former entrance to the mine that the Rebels sealed up, temporarily stopping Solomon’s evil. They spent hundreds of years digging themselves out. Something we soon found out was accomplished by slave labor, something too close to home for my taste. We entered the exit exploring the “mine”. We stumbled onto some slavers forcing dwarves to dig. A most difficult fight ensued. These orcs are no joke, most of their ilk have a life span of decades, not centuries, these have learned a few things in their extra life span. Unfortunately for us it was not basket weaving. I am looking forward to some resolution with this monster Solomon. On a side note my near death experience seems to have made me slightly better at most everything, especially with my primary weapon! Huzzah!


gspostrum Hfstelzer

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