Bestiary - Wald Mongrel

A documentation of the beasts and creatures known to inhabit the Whytingwald. I have only included those creatures that can be verifiably known to be true, as I’ve seen these beings, or at least, evidence of these beings for myself. ~ The Venerable Bart of Bohommon, High Scholar & Indisputable Documentarian of the Entire World.

Wald Mongrel
Unique to the northern and eastern parts of the Vargerlands, particularly the Whytingwald and the Hinterfens, these creatures appear to be a strange cross between a man, an oversized lizard, and a bat. They’re roughly the size of a large dog, standing 3 feet at the shoulder and weighing 100 to 140 lbs. They have no eyes to speak of, but respond acutely to sound. They make a very distinctive noise, much like the sound of a rattle snake followed by three sharp clicks. We observed them navigating this way, and communicating through a loud, vocal “horking” noise accompanied by a mucusy discharge from their hands. Be warned, should these creatures begin to vocalize to each other, you have been detected. The mucusy discharge appears harmless to wood, leather and fur, but has a caustic chemical reaction with metals. Best to club them to death with something heavy and woody.

They are active year round, but are not particularly resilient to the cold. As such, they retreat to the many caves, burrows, sinkholes and other hiding places within the Vargerlands when the weather gets poor. It is uncertain whether they enter a form of hibernation or are capable of some other self-sustaining method during this time.


An additional note seems to have been scribbled at the bottom in the handwriting of Johan Kerzenhaus.

We encountered these creatures on the road near Rodder’s Bend. As we’ve seen so far, these creatures are definitely pack animals. Rogulf says the skin of these beasts is waterproof, and the mucus appears to wash off readily with water.

Bestiary - Wald Mongrel

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